Saturday, June 21, 2008

Food at New World Suites Hotel Bintulu

Since being here past few weeks...I kinda got tired of driving around for food..
So some nights my colleague and I just decide to eat in the hotel..

As usual..I take the chance to treat myself to room service luxury..

Overall..I say that the food here is value for money..considering the serving size is huge and really filling. I've had others, but too hungry when they arrive, so forgot to take their pictures..perhaps I'll add more pics the next time I order room service.

Fish & Chips (RM19)
- the first item I ordered from Room Service during my first time visit to New World in that time the chips were real thick chips..but during this visit in June..they have changed it to french fries..which was quite dissapointing.

Garlic Bread (RM6.50 for 4 pieces)
- this is thick, crispy and yummy.
There's real garlic..not just instant kind of garlic butter.
Had it twice already in my stay at New World in May & June

Spaghetti Bolognaise (RM18)
- huge serving.. ;) really value for money..
lotsa beef, more than the vege in it..

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